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Take your app from idea to reality

Web Development using MEAN Stack

You have that Idea you always wanted to work on and not able to get to the market either because of lack of technical know how or because of expensive software market.

This course gives you that possibility to bring your idea to reality working along during the course itself.

The MEAN Stack

The MEAN Stack stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS  and NodeJS. These technologies together make really fast and scalable web applications. With it’s high speed and robustness  the MEAN Stack is the most preferred choice for all the new applications being made in the industry. It is the latest trend running in all web development companies.

The other most popular stack is LAMP (or WAMP for windows) and the challenge it posed was the developers had to learn different languages and technologies to work on each module. Using the MEAN stack makes the whole application from backend to front end based on javaScript and thus making technology requirements very less.

Course Highlights

Work on your own Idea

The course doesn’t have any predefined projects to be made. It will revolve around every individual’s idea and bringing it to reality with help of faculty who is real time Engineers working on complex web applications day in and day out.

Get hands on with code

Unlike other courses this course takes you from dealing with very basic steps on how to start your own web application from ground up by understanding the data, architecting a robust database and going up step by step and making the web app complete.

Highly Experienced Faculty

The Faculty of this course are Senior Software Architects and Engineers working with Ingeniocity on real world complex applications day in and day out. You will learn how these experienced developers think, plan, make modules and then finally get an application to the real world.

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